Kallie and Ashlyn (6th grade 2019-2020)


Here’s a tip for drama,
Leave it with your llama.
So that no one’s hurt,
Please don’t blurt,
It hurts people’s feelings.
It comes with great karma,
So bring on your momma,
And will have a chitchat with you.
So take my advice,
It would be quite nice,
For llamas to cause the drama

Wyatt and Chris (6th grade 2019-2020)
My Chips Galore

My lips own the chips
Greasy and salty eclipse
Of flavour and fun

Russell (6th grade 2019-2020)


 For Richard and Maurice who created a piece,
with food with a lot of grease.
Let’s talk about your health,
they remain in with all the sugar and salt,
your guilty that it’s your fault.
Your fate, turns out with a ruthless shout,
your guilty of your mistake,
your stomach starts to ache,
your body begins to shake,
with all the weight.
You begin to trudge and nudge the bathroom door,
the toilet looks like chocolate fudge.

Lilyana (6th grade 2019-2020)

The Clone

The clone was in zone
well chewing on a bone
that wore a cone.
He owned a phone
but not a drone.
He threw a stone well alone.
He found a gemstone.
The gemstone was by an unknown tombstone.
With his overgrown telephone
he began to play the saxophone.

Lilyana (6th grade 2019-2020)

Smoggy Doggy

My doggie is soggy
because it’s foggy.
That’s why we named him smoggy.
His body is spotty and he’s really talky.
Oh there is a dolly he has a lolly.
Wait a second
I should name him Tommy.

Estella (6th grade 2019-2020)


We pledged our hearts,
my love and I,
I in my arms the maiden clasping,
I could not tell the reason why,
But, O, I trembled like an aspen!

Addy N (6th grade 2019-2020)


Candy is handy and dandy
oh yes it’s true and just between me and you
 I eat candy like it’s food
and yes I know it’s bad for you
but hey it’s candy right sandy.

Axel (6th grade 2019-2020)

Your Mom

This is not a rhyme
For your mom is a slime
And wintertime ‘tis

Chris (6th grade 2019-2020)

The Tea that Gave Love

I see some tea
She has of thee
Not one not two not three
I see that she’s the one for me
So I stand tall and strong
Next thing I know she has to go
So I have to say goodbye
I see that she lives next to me
So I go and say hi
So now we live together
and now we own a big boat

Vienna (6th grade 2019-2020)


I found a log with 2 frogs
my dog was with me to,
He ate them up like they were food,
Let’s leave this just between me and you.

Ashlyn (6th grade 2019-2020)

There’s a Turtle in my Locker

There’s a turtle in my locker,
I know it’s a real shocker.
When I walked into class,
I took a hall pass, after five minutes of class,
Only because he would not stop being a talker.

Logan R. (6th grade 2019-2020)

A Poem

We’re perfectly picking picky piety poetry pterodactyl

Lilly (6th grade 2019-2020)

My Dad

My Dad is awesome.
My Dad loves me very much.
I love him just the same!

The Annoying Black Bird

There once was an annoying black bird,
The annoying black bird has always been a turd.
His sister is nice,
She loves mice on rice.
The annoying black bird hates herds of nerds!

Lisbeth (6th grade 2019-2020)


Estella is glad, but it’s sad,
she cried, but I said it was fine,
which clearly I lied,
it was time to say goodbye,
she said it was fine,
when I denied,
i seemed sad, but she was glad,
then she died, because I sighed,
it was time to say goodbye to our friendship in the sky.

Aliza (6th grade 2019-2020)

Will to a Cat

Here is my will I leave to you faithful cat
Do not lose it or you will not get all my snacks
There crispy and sweet
They small like raw meat
But you still have to pay the tax

Camryn (6th grade 2019-2020)

It is dark,
But I went to the park.
Walking my dog you see,
He’s bouncing around with glee.
With no frown,
His crown is brown so,
Beautiful in town.
He’s so new,
He has no clue.
What to do.
With finding new adventures.
With his smile,
You’ll see in a while,
You’d never know he needs dentures.
He’s great to me,
Oh he will be, old and bold.
I can hold his paw,
Hopefully when I do he won’t claw me.
Soon it’s time,
To say goodbye.
But now he hums a rhyme.

Brayden (6th grade 2019-2020)

My Name is Joe

Hi My name is Joe
I like hot sauce on my tacos
Cause my name is Joe.

Tucker (6th grade 2019-2020)

Black Cat

I have a cat, My cat ate a bat,
Then she ate a brown rat,
She then sat up and she coughed up a hairball.
The hairball was big, squishy, and black,
Oh no, that wasn’t a hairball the bat was back,
The bat tried to attack, But the cat put it in a sack,
The bat scratched and tried to bite,
The cat finally threw the sack out the door,
That bat was very poor, That bat needs to be cared for,
This hurts the cat to her core,
She felt very sorry, so she cared for him and brought him inside.
The bat’s eyes were wide,
Oh no that bat just died,
Now this cat planned a funeral,
He was sad for the rest of his life

Aliza (6th grade 2019-2020)


Puppy’s galore
They have such big smiles
I love them so much
But we’re not getting one for a while
I begged and I begged
I did all my chores
I folded the clothes
And for them I opened the door
I did what they asked
I even gave them some reasons
But still they kept saying
Maybe next season
I don’t know why
They don’t want one now
How can it be I don’t know how
Their always so playful
And always so cute
But now I can see why
Their not always very mute
They bark and they howl
All through the night
They wake up my parents
And they have to turn on the lights
They have to be let out
And they have to be fed
They have to be watched
But they don’t have to go to bed
They take so much work
They take so much time
Well I can quit school
You won’t mind
I later on realized
I wasn’t ready yet
To have such a big time consuming
Brand new pet I went and told my parents
All that I thought
All my reasons
All my knots
Even though I was done with them
 I wasn’t done with my debate
I still really wanted a brand new pet
But I guess it was going to have to wait

Aliza (6th grade 2019-2020)

Mr. Close

Mr. Close is to tall
When he hits his head he bawls
Because he’s too tall

Landyn (6th grade 2019-2020)


I went to the mall with my friend Jamal
I said Jamal the urinal is too tall
 your way too small
he said ok Paul
I’ll go pee on the wall
then slipped and had quite the fall.

Tucker (6th grade 2019-2020)

Eating the Muffin Man

I know the muffin man that lives on Drury lane,
When I tried to eat him he went on an airplane,
He was going to a big city,
I got there and felt no pity,
When I ate him I got a very big stain

Ireland (5th Grade 2018-2019)


In my class
there is glass
it could break when it awakes
it is tall it could fall
you shake it you break it
it is part of my heart
you break it I break you
it’s hot as a burning pot
you touch it
you die

Ireland (5th Grade 2018-2019)
From Blue to New

A clown makes a frown when it’s sad
it had a smile till someone took it away
just sway and you’ll be ok
make it take it
turn it into something new
make it smile and don’t be blue
on a rainy day you can’t play
you have to stay inside and not go outside
don’t be blue turn it into something new
you could turn that day from something lame
and make it a game
if you just try and stay confident

The Broken Glass
By: Kinsey H. (5th grade 2019)


Oh, on a sunny morning, the sun so bright.
Their sat a glass, with only one task.
To be drank out of, to not be broken until the days last glance.

And one day the glass was drank out of.

Oh, the glass was so happy.

But when he was set down, what he didn’t notice,

is that he wasn’t near the table.

Oh not at all.

He was dropped! He was in fright.

When he hit the ground…

He was shattered.

Into many sized and sharp pieces.

He was broken.

And that was his last glance

Too Confident

By: Roisin (5th Grade 2019)


Why is it that an actress like me never gets big parts

I’ll always be a stupid tree, but why not the Queen of Hearts?

If I’m honest, my chances were supposed to be pretty great,

That incredible audition was supposed to seal my fate.

Occasionally I might stumble, or fumble a prop or two (or three)

But still, I’m the greatest, there’s clearly nobody better than me.

So why is it that my director seems so fraudulent,

I don’t believe a word he says,

I’m NOT too confident!

© 2019 J. J. Close.