© 2019 J. J. Close. 

The Broken Glass
By: Kinsey H. (5th grade 2019)


Oh, on a sunny morning, the sun so bright.
Their sat a glass, with only one task.
To be drank out of, to not be broken until the days last glance.

And one day the glass was drank out of.

Oh, the glass was so happy.

But when he was set down, what he didn’t notice,

is that he wasn’t near the table.

Oh not at all.

He was dropped! He was in fright.

When he hit the ground…

He was shattered.

Into many sized and sharp pieces.

He was broken.

And that was his last glance

Too Confident

By: Roisin (5th Grade 2019)


Why is it that an actress like me never gets big parts

I’ll always be a stupid tree, but why not the Queen of Hearts?

If I’m honest, my chances were supposed to be pretty great,

That incredible audition was supposed to seal my fate.

Occasionally I might stumble, or fumble a prop or two (or three)

But still, I’m the greatest, there’s clearly nobody better than me.

So why is it that my director seems so fraudulent,

I don’t believe a word he says,

I’m NOT too confident!